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We strive to be the premier international boutique multi-asset management firm focusing on investments and advisory across emerging markets in various asset classes. We help our clients achieve an attractive and long-term risk-adjusted return by being well-positioned to benefit from the enormous potential in the emerging fast-growing and undervalued region.

At present, we manage funds for Sophisticated Investors, including family offices and private investment mandates amongst others. Pembangunan Ekuiti aims to deliver value to our clients by unlocking value in selected investments through our proven methodology and aim to seek consistent alpha gains on our invested funds and projects. In line with our goal in delivering returns to our Sophisticated Investors, PESB’s investment model, where possible, may place significant reliance on business models to drive returns and return the highest value to our investors.

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Our Approach

Seek Active Management

We believe many of the region’s widely used indices are backward looking and are not representative of the industries and companies that will be successful in the future. We look to invest in undervalued companies and projects “under the radar” whose potential has yet to be fully recognized by the market.

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Focus on South East Asia

We believe a long-term approach is the most effective way to capitalise on Asia’s evolution. Our Principals draw on experience to identify companies that stand to benefit from the growth and development of markets throughout the region.

Driven by Fundamentals

We employ a fundamental, bottom-up investment process that seeks to identify companies with sustainable long-term growth prospects, strong business models, quality management teams and reasonable valuations.

Dynamic Strategies

We strive to provide investors with a range of strategies across the risk- reward spectrum and launch new strategies via:
• A short to medium-term investment horizon.
• Achievement of portfolio diversification through investments out of the conventional market.
• An aim to achieve extraordinary returns in high risk-high return venture investments.

Our Targeted Sectors

Agriculture & Food Production

Consumer Goods

Emerging Industries

Information Technology

Fund of Funds ("FOF")

Bio Technology

Any other business/ventures which meets the Issuer’s investment criteria including but not limited to Factoring and Leasing, etc.